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Listen To The New Hip Hop Bomb From A Rising Star

Sirrom is an fast rising star from Clanton Alabama. His hit single Big Ole Hater has amassed over 200 thousand streams on all platforms combined. Fans have been asking Sirrom what is next after his single. He released some snippets… Continue Reading →

Rubi Rose Interview – Read How To Sell Hip Hop Music And More

A recent exclusive interview with rapper Rubi Rose, who bumped out after she appeared in Migos‘s “Bad and Boujee” music video, covers all issues about how she became successful and what is her “sexy vixen” attitude all about. From the… Continue Reading →

Listen to Wisdom, ID Cabasa – Happy

Wisdom is a Nigerian pop artist who’s hit single ‘Lost Boy‘ which gained #1 single on Apple Music Nigeria, Wisdom also kissed Adele during her 25 world tour Vancouver stop. Wisdom collaborates with Nigerian legendary producer ID Cabasa to create this hit “Happy”. Happy is an upbeat… Continue Reading →

Easy legalization of marijuana in Illinois and New York

Illinois and New York announced a new marijuana law that will result in more than 1 million minor cannabis-related cases being canceled. Illinois became the 11th state to legalize recreational marijuana on June 25th, and New York announced a law… Continue Reading →

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