Growing up in the hood as a kid everybody wanted to be someone. I wanted to generate money so I could take care of my family. I feel the music industry can help me achieve my main objective in life. I make music for the people who all feel the same as me in this crazy world. I define myself as a great artist with a gift for creating great music. Growing up in Dallas Texas. I graduated from Spook Town Texas. My home sweet home, for many. I first started making music as a local three-man rap/hip-hop music group. We called ourselves “The VISA GANG.” Being one-third of the group until I decided to branch off and felt the urge to create my solo music career as a rap-singing solo artist. I currently have my own label called “Zoned Out Productions 214.” Within this label, I’m the main engineer who records and produces my own projects. So it’s rare to see me at anyone’s studio. But I’m cool with that I just love working on my craft so I can become a better artist. I’m blessed to have my own studio lord knows. Life is life, if you wanna make it count, Then you have to learn how to move in different directions. As I grow on this journey of music vibes. I ask you as my current and potentially new fans to join this ride with me. I don’t plan on stopping any time soon. This rap game to me will never be about fame. It’s about stacking some change, and seeking ya range, know what I’m saying.