Fresh from the dmv , WøLF is an 18 rapper/ singer who puts it upon himself to talk about real topics of everyday teenage life, going into the harsh adulthood. He is a soulful  with tones of beauty through his church-like singing voice. He Hope’s  to change the world someday and wants to provide for not only himself but for his family and loved ones around him, mentally and physically. WØLF has been no stranger to identifying his mental struggles but he ,with his own style shows the world it’s okay to be different and to struggle, letting everyone be his therapist. 

Taking a deep dive into his project entitled “18” , you are hit with an introduction track entitled “word” where WøLF kicks off this rather small project with words from a mentor of his, wishing him success for the battle of relevance he is about to encounter. The track “hurt” is a sincere yet soulful apology to someone in wolfs past that was Detrimental  to the growth he endured and /or is still going through. The song he gives us  freestyle, roughly recorded type vibe through his rap, then switching it up and giving us harmonies, almost as if you can hear his pain while he tells it to the world.  Although WøLF raps, he is very ,very ,versatile with anything he does. On the track entitled “poison” he hits us with a acoustic guitar and from speaking to him, he has explained that when taking on this beat , his writing process was supposed to be from a females perspective on the unfaithful tropes of a relationship in today’s day and age . Almost as if the sed relationship being mention is a toxic yet powerful thing that is hard to get away from. 

On to his work, WøLF often referring to loneliness, depression, isolation, and anxiety. Continuing on to his most recent , 6 track EP “fading moon” , there was no suprise that he tackled these topics. When speaking with WøLF , he had said

“When people listen to my music, I want them to  lay back with there eyes closed, floating in  cloud, watching the best memories of your life, with the best people in my life play above you like a movie theater screen. Then  all You can  do is  remember that things aren’t  the same but it was a sign of growth , like the pain and struggle I suffered was shown to me because Everyone can overcome.”