A  New York City native, Jason Williams otherwise known as IandI started composing poems at the age of ten, not stepping into a recording studio until he was 16. He is not far from rap royalty when it comes to family, either. He is the nephew of rap pioneer Willie D. When you hear the words “Who else but I” in an ominous tone, you know serious wordplay and impressive double entendres are sure to follow. Switching from a gritty NYC-based style of artistry to a more ethereal and loving flow resembling that of an RnB single, IandI proves that he has no issues switching flows. As noted earlier, he was born in NYC (Queens), raised in Nassau County, before moving upstate to pursue further goals as a political activist. He has no issues talking about where’s he’s come from, or what he’s had to do to get where he is today and we only but wonder if there’s a ceiling that can hold IandI. He has been noted by some of the biggest names in hip hop including Busta Rhymes, Jadakiss, Redman, and even Swizz Beatz. His debut album is sure to rock the shelves on streaming services everywhere. Be sure to stream his music catalog available everywhere music can be heard.

Aside from a blossoming career in music. Jason Williams got his start as a political activist for juvenile justice when he was arrested at age 16. He currently serves on the New York State Juvenile Justice Advisory Group as well as the Partnership for Youth Justice and the Committee for Youth Justice. After being appointed to his role as a Youth Representative on the JJAG by Gov. Andrew Cuomo, Jason made it his goal to stand out and represent a demographic of young people that oh too often don’t get a chance to express themselves. 

Jason Williams also co-founded a local non-profit with the help of a middle school teacher Mr.Ali called 2y2d. In our sit-down with Jason we learned exactly what he hopes to accomplish in this world, leave it better than how he found it. Too often in this world we try to separate music from the person/ the community that created it, while it seems to be a goal of IANDI to blur the lines between a hit song and a PSA that we all need to hear. 
IandI is also no stranger to collaborations or working with family to achieve that “just right” sound. In the short time we had to get to know IandI, we were able to go hear some unreleased music featuring new artists coming to the IandI Productions Label. These artists include Jah & Torran, RayD, BDubz, and Anna Rags. If they’re anything like label founder IandI we are sure to be in for a treat as music industry fans. Each one of the artists attached to the IandI Production Label boasts their own set of accomplishments having all come out of the NYC jungle and competing against the best to sit as part of IandI Productions. IandI already let us know that he plans to reconnect with family in Jamaica and release a dancehall rhythm sure to knock the speakers off the shelves