Davon (LilVonnie) Reed (Born May 19 1999) Other names he’s known by are DGDLilVonnie, Vonnie, Designer Gang. LilVonnie is a songwriter/rapper but he can perform any type of genre. The rapper (LilVonnie) was born in Chicago IL and move to Springfield IL because of the activities he was involved in as a kid. Later in his career 21/year old was arrest fighting a first degree attempt murder charge which had been beaten on (Feb 2nd 2020) after the rapper return home from jail he drop his album ( (23:1) which talk about the worst time he has gone through while being behind bars. What does LilVonnie have for us coming up? The new release from LilVonnie (HOP OUT) has recently been released and he’s been seen on social media shooting a video to this song. Make sure you stay in tune with new content from your favorite artist.